Local Artisans

Ed Albright - Charleston, SC
A local craftsman whose work is on display in our "Miniature Memories Museum," Ed Albright's creations are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. You will certainly marvel in the artistry and detail of his work. After discussing ideas and floorplans with store owner Joan Holst, he begins. Once the doll house or building's shell is assembled from their original design, he takes it through every stage from wiring it for electricity, to shingling the roof, to creating the handsome flooring that adds so much to the structure's sense of reality as well as it's beauty. From top to bottom, each scene displays Ed's many talents. One of his finished pieces (Ed's General Store), displayed in our on-line museum, even boasts real brick in the store front facade.
Bill Clinger - Charleston, SC
Harry Clawson - Charleston, SC
Don Franklin - Charleston, SC
(Doll Houses)
Jack Hunt - Charleston, SC
Pat Jacobs - Charleston, SC
(Sweetgrass Baskets)
Beth Lombardi - Charleston, SC
(Local X-Stitch Scenes)
Jane Ratcliffe - Charleston, SC
Green Bean LadyWizardJane Ratcliffe is one half of a mother/daughter team (see Winnie Wiggins, below) who help the "Little People" make their presence known in the mundane world. From the moment they are ready to come forth, Jane has very little control over who (or what) will eventually emerge from the lump of clay before her. Some may be dressed in actual cloth clothing, but usually they are constructed entirely of clay. Much happier creating whimsical figures, her little people and creatures are often placed in scenes to suit their activities and moods. Sculpting little animals and dragons is something else that Jane finds especially fun and rewarding. She has written stories about her Little People and someday hopes to have these published. Together, Jane and Winnie give classes on scupting at Memories (Call or write for more information). Please come by Memories and visit with some of Jane's Little People and Creatures.
Richard Shenot - Charleston, SC
(Doll Houses)
Ellen Siler - Charleston, SC
Bill Springer - Myrtle Beach, SC
Bill SpringerDogs At Computer Born and raised in Lancaster, Pa., Bill now makes his home in South Carolina where (in addition to his "Real World" job), he enjoys pursuing his hobbies and interests in theatre, web design and (oh, yes) miniatures. In addition to making many individual items, he has also created numerous 'one-of-a-kind' scenes and room boxes such as his individual and room box yard sales; this delightful garden scene (created for a friend in their unused mini aquarium); and a theatre inspired dressing room built inside a trunk (where else?).
Bill's web site: www.billspringer.com
Tommy & Gayle Taylor - Charleston, SC
(Doll Houses)
Winnie Wiggins - Charleston, SC
A Work In ProgressA Work In ProgressA native of Johns Island, SC, Winnie Wiggins now lives in Walterboro and has been sculpting since 1983. Watching her mother (local artisan, Jane Ratcliff) she soon developed a love of working and creating with clay and a whole new world opened up for her. She now lives in it very happily with all her friends - both the sculpted and real ones (and her husband, too). Her figures and scenes are inspired by the people of the Lowcountry... crabbers, shrimpers, fishers, farmers and children in all sorts of poses and activities, as well as the famous Charleston Basket and Flower Ladies. She also loves to sculpt fantasy figures. Winnie and Jane started selling their work at the Market in downtown Charleston every Sunday before becoming one of the featured artisans at Memories Gifts and Antiques.
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